Saturday, October 13, 2007

Next Quiz will be on 22nd October

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IMT Nagpur's Online Quiz event is going on these day (12th to 16th October), so we will post next quiz on 22nd October. So, participate in online event and win prizes worth Rs. 15000/-

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Corporate Business Quiz

Milestone35's Battle of 1st Naxos - Campus Quiz is now open for Corporate also

Prize Money
1st prize - Rs. 45000/-
2nd prize - Rs. 25000/-

Date: 20th October, 2007
Time: 15:00 hrs
Venue: IMT, Nagpur Campus

To register send the following details on

Quiz: Online/Campus/Both
Team Name:
Communication mail id:
Communication contact no:
Participant 1: Name, Mail id, Phone no.
Participant 2: Name, Mail id, Phone no.

For more details:

Next Quiz will be posted between 6 to 9 October

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As we have our exams during this week, we might not be able to post quizzes this week. Sorry for the delay in posting this week's quizzes.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

IMT-N Challenger240709

IMT-N Challenger 240709

1st - Siddharth Mukund Srivastava - IMT Ghaziabad
1st - Tathagata Mukherjee - NMIMS
1st - Sachin Kamalia
2nd - Rupa Singh - IMT Nagpur
2nd - Sambit Pattnaik - IMT Ghaziabad
2nd - Samrat Mukharjee - SIBM
2nd - Abhishek Singh - IMT Nagpur
2nd - Abhishek Mahajan - NMIMS
2nd - Abhishek Mall - XLRI
2nd - Tabassum Shaikh - DFS, Delhi Uni.
3rd - Harshal Modi - SIBM
3rd - Gaurav Palkar - NMIMS
3rd - Sneha Saraf - NMIMS
3rd - Ravikumar Rajgopal - LIBA
3rd - Dhiraj Shetia - IMT Nagpur
3rd - Chirag Koranne - IMI
3rd - Nishant Gupta - IMT Ghaziabad
3rd - Mohit Pal - SIBM
3rd - Mayank Gupta
3rd - K. Srinivasa Raju - IIM A
3rd - Pratik Ahuja - IMT Nagpur
3rd - Baladhandapani S - NITIE

For questions 1 to 4 refer picture above

1. Connect:

Ans. Zero. Ground Zero, Condition Zero and Aryabhatta (Need to say more!!!)

2. Logo og?

Ans. Stussy (A Clothing Company)

3. Who’s this?

Ans. Priya Paul, Apijay Surendra Group

4. Symbol for?

Ans. BPCL – Pure for Sure

5. The true story of the brand begins in 1927. Its founder earned the nickname (which is the name of the brand) by the American press, after he made a bet with the Captain of the French Davis Cup Team concerning the material a suitcase had been made from. He promised to buy a similar suitcase for him if he won a very important match for the French team. The public became fond of this nickname which conveyed the tenacity the player displayed on the tennis courts, never letting go of his prey! Which brand?

Ans. “Crocodile” by Lacoste (The Alligator is nickname)

6. Which optical networking company is named after a tree that lives for more than 500 years?

Ans. Sycamore Networks

7. Which television channel is jointly owned by Microsoft and General Electric ?


8. Shri K Anjaneyulu and his wife conceived the idea of a supermarket and started this chain of supermarkets in 1986.This chain later acquired Fabmall India Pvt Ltd, a grocery retail chain of Bangalore. Name this retail chain.

Ans. Trinethra

9. What was started by Shri Gangabisanji Agarwal in 1937 in Bikaner and is currently headquartered in Nagpur. It's products are exported to over 17 countries worldwide?

Ans. Haldirams

10. "I hate the beauty business. It is a monster industry selling unattainable dreams. It lies. It cheats. It exploits women". Whose famous quote is this?

Ans. Anita Roddick, founder of Body Shop

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Monday, September 24, 2007

IMT-N Weekly 240709

IMT-N Weekly 240709


1st - Mukund Kumar - IMT Nagpur
1st - Sambit Pattnaik - IMT Ghaziabad
1st - Ashish Chaudhary - IRMA
2nd - Rupa Singh - IMT Nagpur
2nd - Siddharth Mukund - IMT Ghaziabad
2nd - Harshal Modi - SIBM
2nd - Raman Sallaria - IMT Ghaziabad
2nd - Abhishek Nandavat - SCIT
2nd - Gaurav Palkar - NMIMS
2nd - Neha Saraf - NMIMS
2nd - Chirag Koranne - IMI
2nd - Pankaj Kumar - NMIMS
2nd - Nishant Gupta - IMT Ghaziabad
2nd - Charu Aggarwal - IMT Ghaziabad
2nd - Kirthy Karthikeyan - DMS - IIT Madras
2nd - Pragati Katyal - SIBM
2nd - Mayank Gupta
2nd - Baladhandapani S - NITIE
3rd - Sangita Subnis - IMT Nagpur
3rd - Ravikumar Rajgopal - LIBA
3rd - Tathagata Mukherjee - NMIMS
3rd - Mohit Pal - SIBM
3rd - Samrat Mukharjee - SIBM
3rd - Shriram Bharathan R - Greatlakes
4th - Vivek Jain - XLRI
(All those who have lesser score than this, sorry but i can't add more names more than this)

1. Nokia is buying an ad firm. Which one?

Ans. Enpocket

2. Which two funds have joined hands with Hindustan Motors to develop HM’s excess land in West Bengal?

Ans. Starwood Capital & Walton Street Capital

3. Which Indian petroleum company is planning to set up digital cinemas halls at their outlets?


4. Abu Dhabi government recently bought 7.5% in a group. Which group?

Ans. Carlyle Group

5. “Indians too Argumentative”. Who said this recently?

Ans. Edward De Bono

6. Who is new brand ambassador for Rupa?

Ans. Hrithik Roshan

7. Which hotel rated as the favorite business hotels in the world in a Readers’ Choice Awards by a leading UK travel magazine Conde Nast Traveller?

Ans. Bangalore based Leela Palace Kempinski

8. Which Indian company ties up with Sony to produce, market Hindi film?

Ans. Eros International

9. Who’s this?

Ans. Mervyn King – Governer, Bank of England

10. Which company eyes 51% in Rajesh Exports?

Ans: De Beers

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Registration Open for Battle of 1st Naxos - Online Quiz

Battle of 1st Naxos is a Quiz Event of Milestone35 - IMT Nagpur's annual inter b-school festival. The registration is started for the online quiz and there are maximum 250 teams, So hurry up and register today. There are prizes worth Rs. 15000/- in the Online Quiz.

To Register send the following details to

o Team Name
o Name of the Institute
o Communication Mail-id:
o Communication Mobile No:
o Participant 1: Name, Mail-id, Mobile No.
o Participant 2: Name, Mail-id, Mobile No.

Milestone35 Website launched!!!

Milestone35 - IMT Nagpur's annual inter b-school festival has launched it's web-site. We expect a huge participation from your institute. The Theme for this year is Molon labe-come and get them. Apart from academic events there are many informal & cultural events. So, do come!!! We are waiting for you!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

IMT-N Challenger 160907

IMT-N Challenger 160709 - Answers

1st - Pranav Sinha - NMIMS
2nd - Rahul Singh - SIBM
3rd - Abhishek Khandelwal - MDI
4th - Chirag Koranne - IMI
5th - Tathagata Mukherjee - NMIMS
6th - Alok Singhal - IIFT Kolkata
7th - Ramakrishnan R - SIES
8th - Mohit Pal - SIBM
9th - Abhishek Nandavat - SCIT
10th - Saurabh Nath - SIBM

For Que-1 to 4 refer this photo

1. Logo of which company?
Ans: Thermax

2. Who is this famous personality?
Ans: Yogi Deveshwar

3. Connect:
Ans: Titan’s Xylys --> Rahul Bose, Saira Mohan and Carlos Moya – Brand Ambassador of Titan’s Xylys

4. Connect:
Ans: Welspun India --> First is the logo of Welspun. It acquired an 85 per cent stake in CHT Holdings, the holding company of UK’s towel brand Christy, which is the sole supplier of towels for the Wimbledon Tennis tournament.

5. Polysiloxanes, are inorganic-organic polymers used extensively as sealants in building construction. What is their more famous use?
Ans: Silicones in Breast Implants

6. The term was conceived by the company's founder, Dee Hock. He believed that the word was instantly recognizable in many languages in many countries, and that it also denoted universal acceptance. Nowadays, the term has become a recursive backronym. Which term?
Ans: VISA (Visa International Service Association)

7. R-ADAG. Times Group, India Today Network, Bhasker Group & Sun Group.Which is the common business in all these companies? (e.g. retail/telecom etc..)
Ans: FM Radio

Radio Mirchi – Times Group
RED FM – India Today Network
MY FM – Bhasker Group
Kal Radio – Sun Group
South Asia FM – Sun Group

8. This Group was founded by a Scottish gentleman Thomas Leishman in 1857. The Group took its initial lessons in manufacturing beer from South Indian based British breweries.
Ans: UB Group

9. What came into being on March 2nd, 1985, after a few forward looking HRD professionals got together in Bombay in February 1985 and expressed the necessity to strengthen HRD movement in order to share information and experiences?
Ans: NHRD - National HRD Network

10. It is one of the world’s largest energy companies, has a monopoly over its country’s vast natural gas supplies. The chairman of the board is also the country’s deputy prime minister. Name the company.
Ans: Gazprom

To register for updates, send mail wtih your name and institute/organization name at:

Friday, September 14, 2007

IMT-N Weekly 160709

IMT-N Weekly 160709

1st - Ashish Chaudhary - IRMA
2nd - Deepti Pillai - NMIMS
3rd - Rahul Singh - SIBM
4th - Lokesh Gurunathan -SIBM
5th - Chirag Koranne - IMI
6th - Tathagata Mukherjee - NMIMS
7th - Roshith Mohan - IIM A
8th - Abhishek Nandavat - SCIT
9th - Abhishek Khandelwal - MDI
10th - Kunal Mandal - Jadavpur Uni.

1. Which company is India’s largest telecom value added service (VAS) provider?

Ans: OnMobile

2. Which Malaysian firm recently bought by RIL?

Ans: Hualon

3. Which private equity giant has stake in Intelenet Global, Gokaldas Export and Nagarjuna Construction? (This PE company is also in race for getting 26% of IFCI)
Ans: Blackstone

4. Which advertisement campaign?


5. RIL, Bharti Airtel, Infosys, TCS, ICICI Bank, BHEL, L&T, Wipro, HDFC Bank, Tata Steel, Satyam and Grasim make into which popular list recently?

Ans: Forbes Asia Fabulous 50

6. Which indian city is in the list of ‘Best places to do business in the wired world’ compiled by Business 2.0, a magazine publiseed by global media giant CNN-Time Warner Group?

Ans: Bangalore

7. Which company offers to clean up Bhopal gas tragedy site?

Ans: Dow Chemical

8. Which African company Reliance Inds bought last week?


9. Hyundai Motor India will bring Santa Fe to replace which vehicle?


10. Which company has tied-up with Limitless, a subsidiary of Dubai World, to bid for the redevelopment of Asia’s largest slum, Dharavi?

Ans: Akruti Nirman

11. Which company bought by Hinduja Group through Amas Bank?

Ans: Networth Stock Broking

12. Recently which two companies are under scanner of MRTPC for alleged cartelisation?

Ans: Vodafone-Essar & Airtel

13. Which group is close to acquiring a medical collage in the Caribbean Islands for $200million?

Ans: Manipal Group

14. Which is/was the first Real Estate company to enter in to Nifty?

Ans: Unitech

15. Which fast-food company recently unveils healthier kids menu?

Ans: Burger King

To register for updates, send mail wtih your name and institute/organization name at: